Firework Oreos

When I first heard about Oreos with popping candy in them I thought it was an internet joke, but it turned out to be true.

Firework Oreos with pop rock equivalent. That to me was a challenge I had to accept, even tho it is not the wisest thing for me to do (gluten intolerant). But I had to.

Picked up a package at Winco when I stopped to pick up a few items I needed for dinner. The package is 10.7 oz (303 g) for a bit less that $3.00, so price isn't too bad since it is a limited edition cookie flavor.

Waited a day before trying them, so brought them to work to try them when I went to lunch. Opened the package and slide out the tray (yes there is an easy open on the front, but I like sliding them out of the package the old fashioned way LOL!

At first look they look fine, with little teeny, tiny specks of the popping candy. Tho they do look a wee bit too small. I wondered if there would be a satisfying pop at all.

Twisted off one cookie (it was the filling I was going for in the first place and I needed to cut down the contamination as much as I could from the cookie. I can handle small amounts, but while I was being a stupid in this case, I wasn't going to be a total idiot. Besides, the cookie of an Oreo is always an Oreo cookie).

Still pretty small speckles. But the filling lifted off the cookie nicely and I popped it in my mouth.

Tasted like Oreo filling, pretty good. A little gritty texture from the candy, but no POP! like I was hoping. Nothing really happened until it was almost gone and then the little sizzle there was was kind of an afterthought :(

Tried a few more, but still the same result. Was pretty underwhelmed with the reaction of the candy in the filling. If I hadn't been looking for it, I never would have known there was some fizzy to it. It was pretty MEH!

Could it be improved? I think so, bigger pieces of popping candy would be a good start. If you remember Pop Rocks, while they aren't huge, the pieces are big enough to produce a satisfying pop when you eat them. Even the smaller bits are good if there is quite a few of them together. But that satisfying pop just isn't in these cookies.

I brought the rest down for our student workers to have a treat. If I were to have the urge for something like this again I would probably just whip up a batch of knock off filling and mix in several packets of real Pop Rocks and enjoy.