Silverwood Theme Park

I awoke on the morning of my 50th birthday to my hubby telling me he was taking me to Silverwood as my birthday surprise. It was a wonderful surprise, I thought we were going fishing.

I've been wanting to go to Silverwood for years and just hadn't gotten around to it. Either I didn't have the time or didn't have the money. Hubby along with a couple of friends got together and got details worked out and off we went.

First thing we did was hop on the train that runs the the grounds of the park:

Train ride

And got "robbed":


Train robbery

The whole act was fun and the money goes to charity.

Then it was off to the rides. It has been almost 20 years since I was last on a roller coaster and I wasn't disappointed. The first one I tried was the Corkscrew:

The Cork Screw

The Cork Screw

The Cork Screw

All in all I rode Tremors and the Panic Plunge. Since it has been so long since I've ridden I have found out a few things. I can't tolerate inversion as much as I used to so I was very woozy coming off the Corkscrew. I already knew I can't do backwards so while I looked wistfully at Aftershock, I knew if I did I was going to be curled up on the ground and not a terribly happy camper (yes it would have been fun, but I really loath throwing up). I didn't get to Timber Terror, that will be another trip (when I will see about the water rides).

The day we went the crowds weren't very big, in fact we'd just missed two record breaking days on Friday and Saturday. The longest I had to wait in line was 20 minutes for Tremors.

As a fat chick I was a bit worried that I would not be able to ride, but there was no problems for me with the exception of Tremors when I couldn't fasten the seat belt. The attendant was great. He said the belts in the seats behind me were longer and I simply switched seats with the couple behind me. I did have a little trouble with the belt, but that was because I kept trying to hook it with my shirt in the way. The attendant was again helpful and got it latched just fine.

I found the whole park to be great for walking, esp with a bad knee. I had my stick along and there were very few steep slopes to go up (mostly for the rides). There were plenty of places to sit, be they benches, low walls or green grass in the shade.

We hit the water park just after lunch and had a blast. Dang near drowned in the wave pool, I am used to swimming in ocean waves, so the pool was a bit of surprise. It was great to see people of all shapes and sizes enjoying the water.

Prices for food were not outrageous. You can't bring in your own, unless it is formula for infants. That say they had a special deal where you pay about $9 for a cup with a cap and straw and with the wrist band you get free refills any place that sold fountain drinks (soda and ice tea). This is a great deal, we stayed hydrated all day and have great souvenirs (I use my cup at work for my water). If we take them next time we go back we can get 99 cent refills.

I found all the park staff to be friendly and ready to help. I did mange to get a good sized blood blister in my big right toe and was able to visit the first aid office for a band aid. When we got there the office was closed, but the people in the shop next door called someone down. I was a bit embarrassed to make someone come in for a blister, but they said it is what they are there for and happy to do so.

They have a decently sized handicapped parking area right at the front of the park, but it is advisable to get there early as the spaces fill up fast. Main parking is across the highway and there is a pedestrian underpass for people to get to the park.

Food booths and restaurants are scattered throughout the park and plenty of shops for picking up souvenirs. They have one kiosk that sells glow in the dark goodies, we picked up two ray guns and a light sword that has different settings of lights and colors. That kiosk doesn't open until just before dark.

I had a seriously wonderful time and hope to get back again to ride the rides I missed the first time and have more fun.