Stanley J5C09 1000 Peak Amp Jump Starter with Compressor

With the unreliability of the battery in the truck we picked up a Stanley J5C09 1000 Peak Amp Jump Starter with Compressor to keep in the truck. I have found it has come in quite handy on several occasions, including yesterday.

Usually we can get a jump from someone (either some nice person driving by or call the service the University has that is very handy), call a friend or one of us brings the other car, but there are times when it is just me and there isn't anyone available and I really don't want to call road service. If the battery is flat at home, I could take the car and leave the truck with hubby to throw the battery on the charger.

The day Thanksgiving break started this last year the battery was flat when I got off work (of course it did, I was starting a weeks vacation). Hubby had taken some medication that said he wasn't driving and I didn't want to call a friend to come in from out of town. So I called the service the U has and they showed up. I expected him to jump start the battery with jumper cables, other vehicle, i.e., the old fashioned way. Instead he pulls out a jump starter, hooks it up and in a couple minutes I had a running truck.

So hubby started researching jump starters as soon as I got home. Eventually he settled on the Stanley and ordered it. Arrived a couple days later and he set it up to charge and then the next time the truck went flat, tested it out. Worked like a charm.

The instructions are pretty easy to follow and the unit is not too heavy to lift and set in place to attach the cables. Simple turn of the switch to on. Get in the car, turn the ignition and you have vehicle running.

Hubby had been worried that it wouldn't be powerful enough for our vehicles, but this jump starter has plenty.

I've always hated jump starting cars. I don't like hooking up the cables, esp when they spark. I always back away if someone else is starting the vehicle since I am paranoid about exploding batteries (40 some odd years of car emergency horror stories will do that to a person) and I don't want to be in the blast zone.

Not with the jump starter. I think nothing of it when hooking it up and then getting the truck started. When the vehicle is going, I simply switch it off, remove the clamps and clamp them to their designated spot on the jump starter and back into the rig it goes.

I am so glad we bought the jump starter and have suggested to everyone we meet that having one in their vehicles is a great idea.