Doritos Jacked (Ranch Dipped Hot Wings)

I have been finding I prefer the spicier flavors in chips and such, so when I saw these on special, decided to give them a try. They are a much hardier chip, thicker and should stand up to thicker dips better than regular Doritos. First bite the flavor of the hot wings comes thru strong. As I nibbled tho I could barely taste any ranch flavor. It was there, but more of a hint then something dipped in ranch. As with any of the snack chips and such with lots of seasoning on them, you will end up with red fingers and stains on your clothes, so be careful. I liked them tho, a different heat than some of the other hot and spicy munchies I have tried. I will get them again when the mood strikes, but will also grab some sour cream and make a ranch dip to go with them.