Franz Bakery Mountain White gluten free bread

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Was in my Local Winco the other day to find they have finally stocked Franz gluten free breads/ HAPPY HAPPY! JOY JOY!!!! Since I've already had the 7 grain, grabbed the white to give it a try. I had grilled cheese sandwiches for dinner two nights running and I was in bliss. The white is as good as the 7 grain for holding up to being made into grilled sandwiches. It also held up wonderfully well as toasted sandwiches;
These weren't wimpy little light sandwiches, I loaded on the cheese and pepperoni and into the toaster oven they went. The bread was wonderfully toasted and held up to the fillings. Some GF breads tend to crumble, but these didn't. While the price still gives me pause, I think the bread is definitely worth it. Hubby can still eat regular bread, so the GF is mine, all mine BWAHAHAHAHA!!! So, between the 7 Grain and the Mountain White I have even more choice for my store bought gluten free bread. I have yet to make a loaf of my own that is as good as this. I however can't decided with one I like better. They are both totally yummy!