Whitebox Pies, Bakery and Cafe'

and in specific, their gluten free apple pie!

We've been driving past this little bakery on our way out to North Division in Spokane  but we usually were driving by at times we'd either already had lunch/dinner or were on our way to a specific place for said meals.

So when we were up in Spokane this last weekend visiting my aunt, we were out and about early enough Sunday morning that we wanted a little more coffee and realized we were very near, so we stopped in.

We got there right at opening and went in. A nice little place, very friendly staff and a big display case:

I quickly perused the case and saw:

Gluten free apple pie. They had other gluten free goodies, but it had been so long since I've had apple pie I had to go for it. Besides, what better breakfast, apple pie and coffee LOL!

MMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!! It was delish! Now, I've made my own pies and made pie crusts that were okay, but this is the pie crust I want to aspire to. It was tasty, tender and my brain went "PIE CRUST!!" The filling was quite yummy too, not too sweet and just the right amount of cinnamon.

We grabbed a few of the to go menus to give to friends, I am looking forward to trying their sandwiches and pot pies. If they are as good as their pie, I will be in heaven.

Before we left, I picked up a whole pie to bring home, apple of course. They packed it in a nice box with a pretty ribbon (a nice little touch that makes hubby's and my treat to me extra special)

The ingredients:

The pie in its whole glory:

A slice warmed in the microwave, with a slice or two of cheddar on the side and I have a lovely dessert for this entire week:

I am SOOOO looking forward to going back and sampling their other wares for review :D