Wolf Chili

One thing I have learned since going gluten free and having to read labels, there are a LOT of products that contain wheat in some form or another. Sometimes I have no idea why, except it is used as a filler or a cheap thickener.

Had to give up my favorite brand of canned chili because of that, the side effects just weren't worth it. I've been contemplating a brand that doesn't have any wheat, but at over $2 a can, just not in the budget. So while looking longingly at the canned chili at the grocery store the other day I noticed a brand I hadn't seen before, so I picked it up and read the label.

No wheat listed.

 Looked at all the flavors, no wheat listed.

 Looked at the price, around $1.40 a can. Okay, more then the 88 cents a can of my former favorite, but definitely less the $2+ a can, so I figured, heck, give it a try.

 I picked the original flavor, wasn't up for trying the spicy flavors. Good call, this was just spicy enough for me.
While it wasn't bursting with beans and meat (definitely more sauce then beans & meat) like it is pictured on the can, it was very tasty. A nice thick sauce (personally I like a lot of sauce) and as I mentioned, just spicy enough for me. The chili has a nice mouth feel and the meat (there is also soy listed, probably blended with the beef) tasted like beef and also had a good texture.

Will I buy it again, definitely. While I could probably come up with a good homemade chili of my own (and probably will) it is nice to have a can or two on hand when I don't have any in the freezer or I simply want something a bit different.

ETA: Thanks to a commenter it was pointed out that there is rolled oats in the ingredients. I'd missed seeing those for some reason. Since the oats haven't been certified GF, can't say it is or not. So I've taken off the gluten free tag. Still a yummy chili, flavor and texture are good. Just iffy on if there is gluten contamination or not.