Redbridge wheat-free sorghum beer

We'd stopped in at the Co-op for some chicken breasts they had on sale and I decided to see if by chance they had any gluten free beers. And lo and behold, they did! A small selection compared to all the rest of the yummy beers they have, but as yet there aren't too many breweries making gluten free. So we picked up a couple bottles, one from Anheuser-Busch and the other from New Planet (that will be a subject for another review). Took them home and decided I would try the Redbridge first since it was from a big brewer.

Opened the bottle and took a sniff. Smelled like beer. Took a taste and it tasted a bit like beer. Handed the bottle to hubby so he could have a tiny taste and he thought it tasted like beer. Grabbed a glass and poured in the beer:

Good color, a bit of a head, lots of bubbles. So I started sipping. Didn't quite have the full body feel of regular beer and it had a rather interesting aftertaste that wasn't unpleasant. It was also somewhat fizzier then beer should be. It is 4.0% alcohol by volume.

I mentioned the brew to a friend I ran into at the Co-op and she said she didn't care for Redbridge as it was too sweet for her. Yeah, it was pretty sweet, but not overly so to my tastes. Looking at the ingredients it shows corn syrup, so that may add a lot to the sweetness of the beer beyond the sorghum and rice which is the basis of the beer.

Over all, it wasn't a bad beer, not overly satisfying in the long run, but not so unsatisfying that I won't buy it again. The price for a single bottle at the Co-op was pretty good ($1.40) compared to the $2.20 of the other brand I picked up. I am interested to see how it works out in a Shandy (a drink made with beer and ginger ale, GREAT for a hot summers day) so will see about picking up another bottle to see how that goes.