Scotty's Third Base Grill

A few weeks ago the hubby and I were on the look out for some place new to eat down in the Lewiston Valley, so I popped on to Urbanspoon to see what I could find. After skimming thru a few reviews we settled on Scotty's Third Base Grill.

They have a fairly simple menu:

That first time I had the chili burger and fries sans bun and the hubby got their gyro.


Fast forward to Aug 6th and a trip down to Lewiston and we popped in again.

YUM! again.

This time hubby went for the cheese burger with fries:

and I opted for the gyro salad:

The salad was so good I didn't miss the pita and loved the substantial cucumber slices, the tzatziki was thick and creamy and a wonderful counterpoint to the gyro meat.

The hubby loved that the vegetation for the burger was tucked underneath (he isn't a big lettuce on burgers fan) and was able to add the amount he wanted along with the onions and pickle and I got the rest of the lettuce (turning a large salad into a HUGE salad!).

His burger was made from local beef and was yummy (I tried a bit without the bun) and the amount of fries was so great I didn't feel a least bit guilty snagging some off of his plate. The fires with fry sauce were fantastic, they were even better dipped into the tzatziki sauce.

The atmosphere of the place is laid back and the staff is very friendly. The owner himself pops out of the kitchen to chat with patrons and waits tables when needed.