We finally got around to watching the Johnny Depp movie Rango. We picked up on pay per view thru Dish and we were pleasantly surprised at how good it is.

In my opinion tho, a kids movie it is not, at least for little kids. The whole tone of the movie is more along the lines of the realistic modern cowboy movie then the Saturday morning fair I grew up with.

Johnny Depp is the voice of a chameleon who finds himself stranded in the desert and in the dying town of Dirt, where water is more priceless then gold. There is a mystery of what happened to the water. Our erstwhile chameleon has no name and while spinning a tale, names himself Rango and after meeting with the sinister Mayor (Bed Beatty), becomes sheriff.

We spent the movie playing "spot the cliche" and "spot the homage" The movie makers knew their westerns, both old and new and were true to them. The animation is amazing, there were times where we paused the movie to try and determine if what we were watching was real or CGI'd.

A very enjoyable movie.