The Ove Glove

I am forever burning myself when I am cooking, anywhere from grabbing the rocket hot handle on my Magnalite pans to grabbing the cookie sheet out of the oven with my bare hands. Even when using pot holders my fingers would get toasty, not too mention some burns when I used old, ratty pot holders.

When we first saw commercials for the Ove Glove, I was intrigued I am always on the look out for better ways to deal with hot cooking vessels. I don't like the mitt style glove since I have small hands and they are rather awkward to use. A simple hot pad usually isn't big enough for some things. So when I found the Ove Glove at a local store, we picked one up.

Love it. It is just a tad bit big for my hands, but the fingered glove is so much easier to work with. The Kevlar and Nomex material really does keep the heat at bay. I like to slip one over the long handles of my Magnalite frying pans while cooking so I don't burn myself when grabbing the handles.

I now have two pair and keep them handy. You do have to be VERY careful not to get them wet however. Nothing transfers heat faster then a wet pair of Ove Gloves. They are machine washable and I let them line dry.