Southgate Corned Beef Hash

I do love going to the dollar store, you can find all sorts of things that are good (and a few that aren't, but that will be another review.

On one of my most recent trips I found a corned beef hash I'd never heard of:

The one problem with dollar stores tho is you can't always get the same brand of something you like. I've been haunting their food aisle for a while since they used to carry another brand of corned beef hash I loved, but haven't stocked it in a while. So I picked up the can to check the ingredients list and saw the lovely words "contains no allergens".

YAY! Gluten-free! Food manufacturers manage to sneak gluten products into some of the oddest items, so it was nice to see I could eat it safely.

My favorite way to have corned beef hash is fried, topped with an egg or two, sunny side up. Alas, since I decided these were for lunches at work I had to settle for heated up in the microwave.

Corned beef hash is naturally greasy, esp the canned variety, so I made sure I covered the dish with a paper towel. Good thing too as the microwave would have looked like a slaughter house from all the spitting. The advantage of the paper towel is it got a lot of the excess grease.

I let it cool a bit (I tend to like it to be rocket hot to start with), stirred it up a bit and then took a taste.

Not bad, milder flavor then what I was used to, not as salty as a few brands that I have had. There is a light taste of licorice or such that was good.

I am hoping the dollar store has more since I'd only picked up a couple of cans to try. I would love to see how it does fried with a couple of eggs, sunny side up.