Saturday, September 17, 2011

Strike & Spare Bar & Grill

So we were down in Lewiston/Clarkson last weekend and trying to figure out where to go for lunch. Sitting in Starbucks I used hubby's smarter then me phone to peruse Urbanspoon to find someplace we hadn't been before and would be different.

Came across an entry for the Strike & Spare Bar & Grill that talked about their giant turkey sandwich. At the mention of turkey, hubby's eyes lit up as he loves him his turkey sandwiches. So it was decided. We punched in the address in the GPS and off we went.

As you can probably guess from the name, the Strike & Spare is attached to the local bowling alley. We walked in and went AHHHHHHH!!!!!:

It was that nice late 60s, early 70s lounge decor and feel with the sounds of balls hitting pins in the background. It wasn't too dark and nice and cool. Found our selves a table and sat. Perused the little snacks/drinks menu and waited for the waitress:

Waitress brought our menus and we ordered ice tea while we looked things over. Hubby quickly decided on the giant turkey sandwich with fries and the scoop of dressing:

I had a harder time as I didn't want a salad and really didn't want to have a burger without the bun. I eventually settled for the nachos grande without meat:

Most of the appetizers and entrees were either breaded, battered or served on wheat of some sort so my options were limited.

I tried the turkey in his sandwich and oh yum! It was almost as good as mine (just as moist as mine but I inject my turkeys with wine or fruit juice for a little added flavor). I kept snagging bits of turkey until hubby complained that he wasn't going to have any for himself LOL!

My nachos were quite tasty, topped with real cheese, not some kind of cheese sauce, the salsa was just spicy enough for me and the guac was flavorful. The portions were also huge (hubby had gotten the whole sandwich) and while he made a brave attempt, couldn't quite finish it. We both ended up taking the leftovers home in to go boxes to be noshed on later that evening.

Will we go back, oh yes. Hubby was told by a friend their chicken noodle soup is as good as their turkey sandwiches and I want to try their burgers (sans buns of course). I don't have a problem with changing up orders after the first visit to a new place.

They also have a coffee shop/diner attached to the bowling alley I want to try on another trip down tot he valley. I also want to go down some weekend and spend a few hours bowling, it has been way to long and bowling and a great lunch is too hard to pass up.

The lemons in our ice tea were skewered with little plastic swords and I simply had to get a picture of them:

Thursday, September 15, 2011

De Boles Gluten Free Rice Lasagna Noodles (no boil)

A couple weeks ago I had a seriously stressed day and the only thing I wanted for dinner was lasagna. While my lasagna usually takes two days to make (sauce first day and then the dish the next day) I can and will make a quick and dirty one. So I hit the store for ground beef, spaghetti sauce and the cheeses. Couldn't find a 'sketti sauce that didn't have some amount of HFCS in it, even a little bit makes the sauce too sweet and icky, so got a can of diced tomatoes with Italian herbs and spices and tomato sauce.

We then hit Rosauers to get the brand of GF brown rice lasagna noodles I like, only to discover none of the shelves.

Off to the Co-op where I was able to finally find some GF lasagna noodles by De Boles. Only thing was, they were the no cook variety.  I have never used the no cook type for the very simple reason I use a round deep dish casserole for my lasagna. I would have to break up the noodles to put them in. Since I didn't feel like going to another store to find the noodles I wanted I figured to give it a go.

Once home I started my sauce, got the cheeses ready and then contemplated the noodles. There weren't really directions on the box on how to use them, just not to cook them. I did skim the recipe on the box for Southwest chicken lasagna and started breaking up some noodles.

Sprayed the casserole with non-stick spray and put in the first layer of noodles. I made the sauce extra liquidy as I had seen on my various cooking lists and sites that the noodles will cook while baking. Layered in cheeses and custom fitted broken lasagna noodles until I had a full pan. Into the oven it went for 45-50 minutes.

Pulled it out, let it sit and then dished up. Taste of the noodles was good, but not cooked thru, still a bit too al dente, even for my tastes (I parboil my noodles to just pliable to get them to layer in the pan. When the lasagna is done, the noodles are the perfect texture). Looked at the recipe on the box again and they had the lasagna cooking for an hour and a bit. Which would be a little too long for my lasagna unless I lower the temp a few degrees or so and let them cook longer.

I did find that when nuked the next day as leftovers the noodles came out the right texture and still tasted good.

Will I try them again? If I can't get my regular GF lasagna noodles I will. I will either parboil just to give them the kick start they need or lower the oven temp to give them a longer bake time.